Our Roots 


Founded in 2010, our roots are servicing residential and multi-family properties.  We work on the principle of providing value to our customers through communication, on time scheduling, and results based performance. Prior to expanding in 2010 TRC operated for 15+ years servicing our own properties.  That experience gives us the knowledge to understand what our customers require from their own landscaping service.  The past five years have taken us from a small two-man shop in Brentwood, Missouri to our current location in Webster Groves and a summer time staff of 30+. 

About The Owner:

Chris Rhodes – President/Owner

I am a native of St Louis and I have always considered this my hometown.  My love of the outdoors started at a young age, cutting neighbors grass before I could even drive.  I went to Chaminade College Prep and used to race home from school to go to work, which would continue to well after dark.  After I graduated from Chaminade I went off to DePauw University and earned degrees in Economics and Conflict Studies.  I spent several years working for other businesses learning both the right and the wrong way to operate.  I carried these experiences with me to TRC.  My vision for our company is to provide a superior level service for a good value.  I personally thank you for your interest in TRC Outdoor and I hope that we have the opportunity to work with you in the future. 

Best regards,

Chris Rhodes